Jewelry: It’s all so clear


It started with the dangling crystal details hanging from the ‘60s-inspired stack heels that stomped down Prada’s spring/summer 2010 runway. Now translucent necklaces and bangles are a ubiquitous accessory, complimenting the season’s sheer pieces and light color palette. Whether pieces are made of plastic, Lucite or crystal, the trend is clear, lightweight and versatile.

Depending on how the material is fashioned, pieces can be playful baubles fit for the frilliest dresser, cut into angular shapes for an edgy 1980s appeal or splashed with rhinestones.

Elva Fields’ crystal strands strung together with a vintage enamel brooch befit the pomp and circumstance of a Kentucky Derby get-up, while a studded clear bangle from Lee Angel adds a youthful spin to basic jeans. Lucite is a lighthearted approach when stacking on jewelry this spring, and since it’s not a serious metal and rarely set with gemstones, it makes the cut for cost-conscious shoppers who may want to buy mom something fun this Mother’s Day.

—Melissa Magsaysay