Fast Track: The Rolling Stones are everywhere; Russell Crowe’s slings and arrows

A roundup of Friday morning’s arts and entertainment headlines:

The Rolling Stones’ “Exile on Main Street” got re-released, and now Stones are popping up everywhere. (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Los Angeles Times)

Russell Crowe storms out of a BBC interview after questions about his accent. (Telegraph)

“Chuck” and “V” will return in the fall. “FlashForward” and “Better Off Ted” won’t. (Los Angeles Times)

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson are putting together a concert with high-frequency music for dogs. (The Guardian)

“Law & Order” fans say TNT should pick up the show. “No, we’re not talking about that,” says TNT. (Los Angeles Times)

Tyra Banks becomes a fantasy novelist. (CNN)

No Doubt is finally back in the studio for a new album. (New York magazine)

Sam Worthington is attached to star in an Allan Quartermain movie. (Hollywood Reporter)

“Glee’s” Matthew Morrison denies hooking up with Lea Michele. (Us magazine)

Jennifer Aniston denies being on a baby-food diet. (People)

Nintendo files suit against the makers of “illegal video game copiers.” (Joystiq)

The Newsweek writer who criticized Sean Hayes will visit the “Glee” set and talk to series creator Ryan Murphy. (Movieline)

Lost in the Nashville floods: Musical instruments galore. (Los Angeles Times)

Why has it been 31 years since Kate Bush played a full live show? (The Guardian)

The Field of Dreams is for sale. (Huffington Post)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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