For the record

Overrated/Underrated: In the Overrated/Underrated column in the Nov. 7 Calendar section, an item about the death of GM's Pontiac brand said the song "Little GTO" was performed by the Beach Boys. The original chart hit, titled "G.T.O.," was performed by Ronny & the Daytonas. A correction on Nov. 11 failed to note the error in the title.

CMA Awards: An article in the Nov. 11 LATExtra section on the Country Music Assn. Awards said that when Brad Paisley accepted his award for entertainer of the year, he was mimicking his hero, Grand Ole Opry veteran Little Jimmy Dickens. In his comments, Paisley was paying tribute to Dickens, not imitating him.

Cigarette warnings: An article in the Nov. 11 Section A about the FDA's plans to place graphic warning labels on cigarette packages said manufacturers must begin putting warnings on packages and in advertising by Sept. 22 and may not sell cigarettes without the warnings beginning Oct. 22. In fact, those dates are Sept. 22, 2012, and Oct. 22, 2012, respectively.

"Taqwacores" review: The Nov. 11 Calendar section review of the film "The Taqwacores" said a character in the film, Yusef, was an Arab American. The character is a Pakistani American.

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