Chris Dufresne's college football rankings

Rankman hit cruise control this week, with no changes in the top 13 even though Oregon, Texas Christian and Auburn all had to serve after-school detention for falling asleep in class. There has never been an easier week to have Boise State at No. 1 after the Broncos put Friday night lights out against Idaho. USC, our preseason No. 20, used a big win at Arizona to move up six spots to No. 19 and the Texas Ampersands (A&M) make their debut just in time to play host to one-loss Nebraska. The Utes of Utah, like Wile E. Coyote, walked off a cliff at Zion National Park, stood there for a second with a dumbfounded look, then dropped like an ACME anvil ... poof.

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1. Boise State, 9-0; QB Moore uses fourth quarters to work on NYT crossword puzzles. (1)

2. Oregon, 10-0; America's fastest team made a bee-line out of Berkeley back to Eugene. (2)

3. Texas Christian, 11-0; Whacked Utah so hard the Utes were muddy putty in Notre Dame's hands. (3)

4. Auburn, 11-0; New reality show staring the Newtons: "$$$$$$ My Dad Says." (4)

5. Stanford, 9-1; Google founder grads eradicate Cal from search engine this week. (5)

6. Louisiana State, 9-1; Only Nebraska (2001) gets a title-game shot without winning its division. (6)

7. Alabama, 8-2; Take it easy on Georgia State, boys, they're new at this football thing. (7)

8. Wisconsin, 9-1; OK, but you fell 56 points short of scoring 83 against San Jose State. (8)

9. Ohio State, 9-1; Big Ten could have really used a title game this year. (9)

10. Michigan State, 9-1; Needing Michigan's help all part of the BCS' messed-up menagerie. (10)

11. Arkansas, 8-2; Please beat Louisiana State so it quits yapping about deserving a BCS title bid. (11)

12. Nebraska, 9-1: Aspirations did not involve meeting five-loss Big East team in Fiesta Bowl. (12)

13. Oklahoma State, 9-1; Picked by media to finish fifth in Big 12 South, one spot north of Baylor. (13)

14. Virginia Tech, 8-2; Voted best team in America since Sept. 12 by Boise State Monthly. (16)

15. Nevada, 9-1; Will shoot potato out of that cannon every time it scores against Boise State. (17)

16. South Carolina, 7-3; Nice work not overlooking Florida before big game with Troy. (22)

17. Missouri, 8-2; There's nothing like playing at Iowa State … when you have no choice. (20)

18. Oklahoma, 8-2; Trails only Cal in home-versus-road, can't-figure-them-out index. (21)

19. USC, 7-3; Archeologists believe they've unearthed Trojans' last win in Oregon. (25)

20. Arizona, 7-3; Refuses bet with Utah on which team makes Rose Bowl first. (14)

21. Iowa, 7-3; "Welcome to our home, Buckeyes … please make yourselves uncomfortable." (15)

22. Mississippi State, 7-3; Newton's dumbbell dad insists now that he asked for 180,000 cowbells. (19)

23. Texas, A&M 7-3; Recently sent Texas a touching, get-well soon (in 2053) card. (NR)

24. Miami, 7-3; Back in the poll only until Central Florida gets its groove back. (NR)

25. Northwestern, 7-3; Wrigley Field game versus Illinois features two teams with warning track power. (NR)

Moved in: Texas A&M, Miami, Northwestern.

Dropped out: Utah (18), Central Florida (23), Florida (24).

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