Norm Chow’s contract extension working slowly through the system

When UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel showed up at Norm Chow’s home in 2008, selling him on becoming offensive coordinator, the process moved quickly. A month later, Chow’s contract was approved by the University of California’s committee on compensation.

Things have moved considerably slower with Chow’s contract extension. Chow and UCLA agreed on the deal in July.

So when Neuheisel left open the possibility that Chow might not return, the question about his two-year extension came off the back burner. The Board of Regents met last week, but Chow’s contract was not on the agenda.

Chow turned aside inquiries from USC in January, with UCLA officials agreeing to work on an extension. But the deal remains in channels.


“That’s not unusual,” UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero said.

Guerrero said, “I couldn’t tell you,” why the process has dragged on. He said it has been “several months” since the contract was forwarded to the University of California’s office of the president.

Other deals have moved quickly through the system. The vice chancellor of the hospital system at UCLA had his “retention salary” approved in September, after receiving a job offer.

“There was probably more urgency to it,” Guerrero said.


The Board of Regents has met twice since July, approving 13 contracts in various academic areas. They meet again in January. By the then, Chow’s job status should be cleared up, one way or the other.

Neuheisel passed on several chances to end questions about Chow’s future at UCLA on Monday. He said that it would be “evaluated” at the end of the season.

Guerrero said that UCLA would “honor the contract” even if Chow was let go. Asked if UCLA would still honor the contract if it was not approved, Guerrero said that the chances of it being turned down by the office of the president were “not very likely.” Guerrero said that every coach contract submitted by UCLA has been approved since he became athletic director.

Brehaut nearly ready

Quarterback Richard Brehaut, who suffered a concussion against Washington, passed a concussion impact test Monday and is expected to be cleared to play in Friday’s game at Arizona State.

“I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be ready to go,” Brehaut said. “I have not had any symptoms.”

Growling Bruins

UCLA needs two victories to become bowl eligible and practice had an edge to it Tuesday … from coaches.


At one point, Neuheisel loudly berated the offensive line. “We got to have that,” he said. “We got to win. We got to have that right up here.”

Arizona State’s defense ranks sixth nationally in tackles for a loss and 18th against the run.