NFL Bottom Ten: NFC West dives to the bottom

What an exciting race it is in the NFC's Mild, Mild West. No team is over .500 and all four members have been outscored by their opposition this year.

No wonder that the NFC West has seized control of the Bottom Ten.

For Arizona (3-7), it's like old times. The Cardinals have lost five straight games, a streak they have achieved 10 times in their 23 seasons in Arizona. The Cardinals are reviving memories of the years when quarterbacks such as Stoney Case, Gary Hogeboom and Shaun King were saddled with disastrous teams.

Talk of abolishing the NFC West, or perhaps transferring it to the Arena Football League, is sweeping the NFL.

After all, as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer noted: "Fans of teams like the Saints, Falcons, Giants and Bears are cursing the entire NFC West at the moment because one team from that division is going to be making the playoffs over them despite being undeserving."

Trouble just seems to follow Pete Carroll.

Wreck (W-L); Last Loss; Next Loss

1. San Francisco (3-7); 0-21, Tampa Bay; Arizona

1. Arizona (3-7); 13-31, Kansas City; San Francisco

1. St. Louis (4-6); 17-34, Atlanta; Denver

1. Seattle (5-5); 19-34, New Orleans; Kansas City

5. Carolina (1-9); 13-37, Baltimore; Cleveland

6. Cincinnati (2-9) ; 7. Minnehaha (3-7); 8. Denver (3-7); 9. Detroit (2-9); 10. N.J. Giants (6-4).

Worst Monday night football game ever: San Francisco (3-7) at Arizona (3-7).

Fantasy flops: Quarterback Eli Manning (N.J. Giants), 20 of 33 passes for 147 yards, three interceptions, two touchdowns, one crucial fumble; running back Ahmad Bradshaw (Giants), 29 yards in 12 carries, two pass receptions for minus-five yards; wide receiver Randy Moss (Tennessee), no pass receptions ("Nada" as Chad Ochocinco might say).

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