Movie review: 'Scar'

The 3D, ultra-derivative, torture-porn extravaganza "Scar" was available for review only in 2D, so only one eyeful of its worthlessness is captured here. The depth of its depravity, though, is clear.

In the latest excuse to exhibit beautiful girls being slowly mutilated, a woman (Angela Bettis) who survived such treatment at the hands of a serial killer returns to her hometown, the scene of the crime, years later. Lo and behold, copycat murders ensue. The killer captures two victims and slices and dices one until he or she tells him to kill the other victim. Boys and girls are torn to shreds but, tellingly, it's only the female victims we see enduring the Benihana treatment. Hmm.

"Scar" is cobbled from the pieces of any number of genre entries ("Saw" and "Scream" high on that low-flying list). Here are the torture "game" and the usual assemblage of great-looking kids who didn't get the memo not to stroll about alone in the dark with a serial killer around. In place of bona-fide scares, there's the usual jumping out of cupboards, this time mostly by cute fauna such as skunks and doves. Or a deer!

The filmmakers are so out of ideas they resort to the dumbest-ever method of slicing cheese and, at one point, a supposedly terrifying staple gun. Somewhere, the "Jackass" guys are laughing — in 3D as well. As one character asks, "It never stops, does it?" Well, no. Not as long as people keep paying to see such dreck.

"Scar." MPAA rating: R for sadistic bloody violence and torture, language, some drug use and sexual content/nudity. Running time: 1 hour, 28 minutes. Playing at Culver Plaza Theatres, Culver City.

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