Redhook Ale Brewery Long Hammer

Enough with the novelties for a while. Here’s a West Coast classic, brewed since 1984, when people had scarcely heard of India Pale Ale. It pours lager gold with a medium head and slightly coarse carbonation, and it’s definitely an IPA, dry-hopped with Cascade for that brisk piney nose we’ve grown to love.

It does not, however, belong to the later West Coast school of hop extremism. It has a nice round feel on the palate, with a long, long bittersweet finish fading out cleanly on the bitter side. It’s simply a very attractive IPA that will appeal to beer lovers who are not full-time hopheads.

Redhook suggests serving it with grilled meats, seafood or spicy cuisines; a bit of a cliche for IPAs, but suggestive. It’s also just fun to drink by itself.



Quick sip

Style: A round, solid, highly drinkable IPA with plenty of pine character

Price: $6.50 to $8 per six-pack

Where to find it: Wade’s Wines in Westlake Village, (818) 597-9463, www.wades; Total Wine stores,; and Beverages and More stores,

-- Charles Perry