Ginger White: I had ‘a very casual affair’ with Herman Cain [video]

Washington Bureau

Herman Cain’s campaign manager says he isn’t dropping out. His latest accuser, Ginger White, is bearing down.

Cain spoke at an event at a Michigan college Tuesday night and gave little clue about his future, but his campaign manager, Mark Block, told ABC News that the candidate isn’t exiting the race.

Meanwhile, White showed up on the high-altitude platform of ABC’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday and insisted she’s telling the truth about a long-term extramarital relationship she had with Cain.

“I can’t make this stuff up, and frankly speaking, I wouldn’t want to make this up,” White told George Stephanopolous.


White called it a “very casual affair” that went “on and off” for the past 13 or 14 years, one in which Cain would whisk her away to events such as the Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield fight in Las Vegas.

He also gave her gifts and money, especially over the past two-and-a-half years, she said. And in a new revelation, White turned over to ABC phone records that she said shows Cain had been in touch with her throughout November until reporters began contacting White about the alleged affair.

White believes that Cain didn’t anticipate she would go public.

“The funny thing about Herman Cain is that never in a million years did he probably think I would speak out on this,” she said.


But she has, saying that she came forward to tell her “side of the story” as the media closed in. She said the nature of the relationship precluded her from supplying more evidence to back up her claim.

“You really don’t enter into something like that holding onto receipts,” White said. She admitted to having “financial problems” but denied they played a role in her decision to come forward.

Cain’s campaign, which has aggressively denounced each of Cain’s female accusers, fired off a fundraising email to supporters Tuesday evening that described White as a “troubled Atlanta businesswoman” promulgating a “fabricated” story.

Block said Cain would detail his plans for the campaign at a stop in Dayton, Ohio Wednesday, but said the presidential hopeful wasn’t quitting, despite reports that Cain said he was “reassessing” his candidacy.

White, too, isn’t backing down. She called the Cain campaign’s response “very disappointing” and said she wasn’t lying.

“I can’t imagine waking up one morning and deciding to come out with this if this was not true,” she said.

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