Dusty Baker tells Aroldis Chapman to stop post-save somersaults

The post-save somersaults that Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman performed after nailing down a 4-3 victory over Milwaukee on Tuesday night not only irritated the Brewers, it also irritated his manager, Dusty Baker.

“It’s been addressed already and it’s over,” Baker said on Wednesday. “It won’t happen again -- ever. I know he’s happy and things have been going poorly for him, but he’s got to demonstrate in a different way.”

Chapman has struggled in the last couple of weeks, giving up game-losing homers to Cleveland and Minnesota.

Baker also doesn’t expect Milwaukee to retaliate in Wednesday’s game, especially since the Brewers’ manager, Ron Roenicke, and Baker were teammates for several years on the Dodgers.

“I think that’s between us and the Brewers, know what I mean?” Baker said. “You know, Ron was my teammate. He knows me. He knows me very well. He knows how I am. He knows how I do things.”


After all, the whole thing is nothing to flip over.


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