Mitt Romney to resurface with high-profile appearances

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WASHINGTON -- Almost four months after his presidential election defeat, Mitt Romney is planning a return to the national political stage.

The 2012 Republican nominee will appear, with his wife Ann, on Fox News Sunday next weekend, Chris Wallace, the program’s host, announced Sunday.

It will be his first televised interview since the November election.

Romney also plans to speak next month at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a high-profile forum for conservative politicians.


In his previous CPAC appearances, Romney managed to generate headlines. In 2008, he chose the annual gathering of movement conservatives to announce his withdrawal from that year’s GOP presidential nomination contest. Four years later, on his way to become the nominee, he labeled himself, somewhat awkwardly, as “severely conservative” in a CPAC speech.

It’s not clear what Romney’s post-election reemergence might means. Virtually no one in his party is clamoring for the former Massachusetts governor to make a third try for the presidency, and defeated nominees have seldom made successful comebacks. The last Republican to do so was Richard Nixon, who won the presidency in 1968 after losing to John F. Kennedy in 1960.

Former advisors have been quoted anonymously as saying that Romney would make an upbeat speech that would thank supporters and focus largely on economic themes.