Aaron Ace Levant

C-Suite 2022

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Levant, the CEO of the leading livestream shopping app NTWRK, was born with a natural entrepreneurial drive. Capitalizing on early passions for streetwear, sneakers and graffiti, he was organizing trade shows in his teens. He started his first company, Agenda, in 2003 - an iconic streetwear trade show with an emphasis on style, art and music culture. With Pharrell Williams, he co-founded ComplexCon, a successful series of festivals combining fashion, arts and sports.

Levant transferred his business skills and passion for youth culture trends to the digital sphere with NTWRK in 2018. Already the leading North American livestream shopping app, its audience is made up of 3.5 million users who delight in NTWRK’s ability to “entertainize” retail. The platform has created a new, enticing model of exclusive merchandise, entertainment, and cutting-edge culture, focusing on narrative-led products and their creators through ‘drops’ exclusive to or available first on NTWRK.