Finalist: Jang Lee

C-Suite 2022

Chief Financial Officer
Flow Finance Inc.

Jang Lee has over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting. He’s held leadership roles at numerous venture-backed companies, where he was responsible for overseeing accounting, finance, planning and investor relations. In the last 24 months, Lee launched a fractional CFO consulting firm. Upon starting the business in early 2020, he built a client list of over 25 companies, assisting them with financial models, cash planning and raising debt and equity. He helped navigate several companies through the pandemic and raised over $100 million combined. In early 2022, he joined Flow Finance Inc. and currently serves as the company’s chief financial officer.

Flow Finance is an end-to-end financial services and technology company redefining what founders should expect from their accountants. It provides personalized financial services combined with a data consolidation platform that empowers companies to unlock actionable, strategic insights, all under Lee’s financial stewardship.