Michael Castagna

C-Suite 2022

Chief Executive Officer
MannKind Corporation

Michael Castagna became CEO of MannKind and joined its board of directors in 2017, bringing 25+ years’ experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to the company’s product and medical device development strategy. Under his guidance, MannKind is successfully establishing solid partnerships and growing its pipeline, capitalizing on Michael’s extensive knowledge of the commercial pharmaceutical industry.

His deep understanding of the biopharmaceutical industry and dedication to helping people live their lives without limits is grounded by his extensive pharmacy background. Previously, Michael served as a Vice President at Amgen, guiding the Lifecycle Management and Global Commercial Biosimilar business areas. Before Amgen, he spent a combined 10 years at Bristol-Myers Squibb, focusing on medical, marketing and sales (1997-2005), and returning to the company from 2010-2012 to direct the Immunoscience division. Other experience includes serving as Vice President at Sandoz, as well as a Director at both Merck, Serono and Pharmasset.