Nominee: Clare Resnick

C-Suite 2022

Chief Financial Officer
Warner Pacific Insurance

Clare Resnick began her career in the health insurance field at Anthem/Blue Cross of California. Originally hired as a manager, she learned the financial aspects of the industry quickly and during her 15 years with the company was promoted several times, eventually becoming senior vice president/chief financial officer of the West Region.

After leaving Anthem, Clare moved to a different segment of the industry, working as the CFO for Warner Pacific (a general agent). During her 14 years at Warner, she has had many accomplishments, including developing the financial operations from scratch, because prior to her hiring all financial operations were outsourced. In the 14 years, she has developed processes for accurate monthly/ annual close processes, moved the company from a cash basis to a GAAP basis and implemented an annual external audit which Warner has successfully passed with no issues since inception.