Ross Sklar

C-Suite 2022

Chairman & CEO
The Starco Group

Dubbed “The Spray Can King,” Ross Sklar has been on the frontline of innovation in the consumer packaged goods category for over two decades. An alum of the University of Manitoba, his passion for growing and scaling companies began before graduation when he started SEI Chemical, a small anti-corrosion products and industrial coatings company. From there, he was hooked. Innovation is the name of the game for Sklar.

Sklar’s The Starco Group is close to the categories and sharply focused on innovation. Whipshots - a vodka-infused whipped cream developed in partnership with global artist and icon Cardi B – is unlike any other spirit on the market. With Whipshots, Starco Brands brings disruptive and behavior-changing innovation forward. Starco Brands’ mission is simple - to commercialize behavior-changing technologies. Following its release, Whipshots quickly became one of the most sought-after liquor brands on the internet.