Finalist: Deeanne Akerson


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Kindred Bravely

Deeanne Akerson began Kindred Bravely, a maternity and post-partum clothing line, in 2015 out of a need to find cute, comfortable pajamas. From new mom to co-founder and CEO, Deeanne has crafted a new lane for maternity and nursing clothing while putting a spotlight on some of the most powerful women: moms. Creating her own market niche, Akerson is changing the outlook on maternity and nursing wear while giving back to mothers in need. Kindred Bravely’s mission encompasses two key ideas - creating maternity and nursing clothes that are beautiful, useful and comfortable and building a community of moms who support and encourage each other on the motherhood journey. Akerson built a brand that not only empowers moms through its product line but also career opportunities. After record results in 2020, Akerson successfully positioned the company for a multimillion dollar sale.