Finalist: Teresa Campbell


President and Chief Executive Officer
San Diego County Credit Union

Under Teresa Campbell’s leadership and continued focus on delivering exceptional customer service combined with the hard work and dedication of her team, SDCCU has maintained its stance as an industry leader and achieved continued growth and success. SDCCU has grown to $10.2 billion in assets and reached over 426,000 members; membership has more than doubled from 204,000 in August 2010 in the 10 years Campbell has served as president and CEO. 2020 was an especially difficult year for many. However, the credit union’s long-term planning, coupled with its strong capital position under Campbell’s leadership, helped SDCCU grow its assets to $9.69 billion. It is indicative of SDCCU’s fiscal strength and ability to weather difficult storms due to Campbell’s leadership and commitment to engage in prudent practices to ensure that SDCCU remains a healthy and well-capitalized credit union.