Honoree: Andrea Brenholz

2021 Inspirational Women

ATR Iternational

Andrea Brenholz is the strong female CEO of a large Silicon Valley company that has a national footprint. Simply put, she represents the next generation of the staffing world: one where Hispanic women and minorities have fair shots at success. Bernholz knows it’s vital for her to lead by example when so many others look up to her, imagining what they too can become with hard work and a friendly personality.

ATR International is a staffing and consulting leader that serves the IT, engineering, accounting & finance, professional, manufacturing, and scientific industries. Founded in 1988 as a Hispanic-owned business, the company has grown to serve Fortune 500 organizations while putting more than 85,000 people to work, totaling over 34 million working hours. The entire business model is based on building relationships and deep connections with our diverse base of clients, contractors, internal staff, and local markets.

Given her ability to connect with fellow human beings, Brenholz thrives on interacting with the local community and using her skill set to help others. She is a beacon of light for Hispanic women and minorities in business by mentoring others and providing advice on how to progress in the face of adversity. Backed by ATR’s specialization in IT, she also loves bringing awareness of STEM subjects to the area’s youth. Most notably, she is a strong proponent of ATR’s Volunteering Time Off policy that allows employees to take five days off each year to volunteer with the non-profit of their choice. Combined with her regular participation in events for the Golden State Warriors Community Foundation and Ellie Mae Class Golf Tournament, Brenholz is a philanthropist at heart. Over the years, she’s encouraged ATR employees to volunteer with Toys for Tots, St. Jude, Martha’s Kitchen, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Vail Place, the Thompson Family Foundation, and many other non-profits.