Honoree: Mona Andrews

Inspirational Women 2022

Founder & CEO
Stay In The Game

Mona Andrews has been an entrepreneur for the past 25 years, founding two successful companies that operate today. She was inspired to start her second company, Stay In The Game, when she saw a widespread dilemma faced by professional women. Though she had the ability to set her own schedule to balance working and raising two young children, it was rare for her to encounter other women with the same options. Most were forced to leave their jobs to care for their families because their workplace would not provide the flexibility they needed. Andrews saw that under these conditions, companies lost experienced talent and women lost the opportunity to professionally advance and provide for their loved ones.

Andrews founded Stay In The Game as her passion project, providing flexible, remote job opportunities for educated women seeking a healthy work-life balance. She continued making her dream a reality, securing new clients and expanding Stay In The Game’s reach even further. Not only is the company bringing women back into the workforce, it specializes in placing graduate students in social work in internships around the country. Master’s programs in social work typically require 900 hours in a fieldwork placement, giving the student frontline experience in the community they intend to serve. Andrews’ team is excited to not only have flexible work but also be a part of providing important resources for families across the U.S.

As a start-up, Stay In The Game depends on the dedication of its team, and Andrews is the kind of leader who collaborates with her employees and inspires them to work just as hard as she does. Her passion for the organization’s mission is contagious.

With each new client, Andrews’ commitment to and passion for keeping women engaged in the workforce has increased. She worked tirelessly this year to ensure that Stay In The Game is positioned to win more new business and create flexible, remote opportunities for as many women as possible.