Finalist: Jessica Nicole Aliotti

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OC Inspirational Women

Wealth Management Advisor
Northwestern Mutual Orange County

Jessica Aliotti joined Northwestern Mutual as a financial advisor in 2014 and has acquired 70 new clients per year since then. She is currently a Lives Leader Summit and FORUM qualifier. As an expert in tax efficiency, risk mitigation, and wealth preservation, she is passionate about helping others realize their vision of a sound financial future.

In the fiscal year 2021 - 2022, Aliotti achieved the coveted Northwestern Mutual FORUM recognition, which represents approximately the top 5% of advisors in the country. Her specialty is in working with sales executives, tech professionals, and women in law to find the solutions that work best for their unique needs. She also improves the lives of children and families in need through financial support, volunteerism, thought leadership, and collaboration with community partners.