Walter White’s Walt Whitman book from ‘Breaking Bad’ up for auction

“Breaking Bad” may be almost over, but its props live on -- at an auction house, where anyone can buy them. So you could own an authentic “Breaking Bad” singed teddy bear, Los Pollos Hermanos bucket, or one of Walter White’s books.

Note: Those who have not yet watched all of season five may not want to read on.

Walter White, of course, is the character played by Bryan Cranston. When the television series started, he was a high school chemistry teacher, a classic nice guy given a devastating cancer diagnosis. In an effort to earn a nest egg that would take care of his family after he was gone, he decided to manufacture methamphetamine. Things quickly swung out of control.


The book that’s up for auction is one that featured prominently in the series. It’s Walter White’s copy of “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman.

Are you ready for the spoiler alert? Because it’s coming up.

White’s copy of “Leaves of Grass” includes an inscription, which reads, “To my other favorite WW. It’s an honor working with you. - G.B.”

That inscription is from Gale Boetticher, the short-lived assistant who helped White cook meth in seasons three and four. Much later, in season five, that inscription prompts White’s brother-in-law Hank to start putting together the pieces that will unravel White’s secret life.

How much is a book of Whitman’s poetry that served as an essential plot device worth? Apparently there are three copies. The one being auctioned asks for bids starting at $3,000.


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