‘Kill Your Darlings’ trailer: Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg


In most modern narratives, the story of the Beats began when Allen Ginsberg first read “Howl” to rapturous audiences, when his poetic evocation of youth gone wrong and hope and rebellion and power and gay love was banned and became famous.

That was in San Francisco in 1956. But the group of writers who would lead the Beat Generation -- including Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs -- all met earlier when many of them attended Columbia in New York.

“Kill Your Darlings,” scheduled for release in October, is a film that explores that early time in New York. Its star is Daniel Radcliffe -- best known for playing another bookish character, Harry Potter -- who here portrays Ginsberg at his youngest and most naive.


In the film’s first trailer, above, Radcliffe-as-Ginsberg takes in the sights and lessons of the world around him -- as well as the intimate glances from actor Dane DeHaan -- with a newcomer’s glow, all to a frenetic bop beat.

Then the music slows. Something has changed -- but what? What went on between this crowd of talented men that compelled some to leave campus, others to leave for Paris, and several never to make New York home again?

Don’t look it up on Wikipedia. Wait for the movie.


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