Simply ‘Red': Try Cantonese cuisine steeped in tradition and perfect presentation


At Red Plate, presentation is masterful, no matter the color of the dish.

(By OGara Bissell Photography)

A new Chinese restaurant is making its mark at The Cosmopolitan. Located on Level Three of the Boulevard Tower, Red Plate is a luxurious dining concept that celebrates traditional Cantonese cuisine in a refined setting.

Chef Yip Cheung helms Red Plate’s culinary vision. Cheung’s authentic menu comprises dishes such as Peking duck, steamed coral cod, and black truffle fried rice with egg. The king crab spring roll, caviar taro puff, and stir-fried lobster with lemongrass and Thai sauce are among the many popular dishes at Red Plate.

“Our goal is to provide our guests with an amazing and memorable experience from start to finish,” said Cosmopolitan’s executive chef Bryan Fyler.

The dining experience at Red Plate is further heightened by the restaurant’s décor. Celano Design Studio led the restaurant’s design concept, which features contemporary Chinese touches including curved, champagne-colored walls and black metal and brass details. Red banquettes populate the dining space, surrounded by polished marble and traces of gold.


The name “Red Plate” is inspired by traditions surrounding the Chinese royal family. Visiting officials would submit a plate to the emperor during mealtime as an offering. The more prominent figures would offer red plates. As a tribute, the restaurant sourced more than 50 plates from Asia and Europe, some dating back to the 1800s.

Signature Cocktail: The Festival of the Moon
The Festival of the Moon is the Chinese celebration of the autumnal equinox. “This cocktail celebrates the holiday with metaphors. The dragon fruit is cut into a full moon garnish, the spirited lychee pearls are the stars and the drizzle of blood orange signifies the rising of the moon,” said chef mixologist Mariena Mercer, creator of the drink.

1 1/2 oz. Bacardi Dragon Berry


1/2 oz. Kai lemongrass ginger

1/2 oz. Coco Chai tea syrup

1/2 oz. Lemon

2 oz. Moonstone coconut lemongrass Nigori Sake

Drizzle of blood orange puree

Shake the first five ingredients with ice. Strain over fresh ice and drizzle with blood orange puree over the top. Garnish with dragon fruit slice and a spoonful of lychee pearls.

-Genevieve Wong, Custom Publishing Writer