Feds investigate 340,000 Ford trucks for potential loss of steering

An estimated 340,000 Ford Super Duty pickup trucks are the subject of a federal investigation into potential loss of steering in the vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration said it opened the investigation on May 7 to look into complaints that the trucks’ steering gear box can fail, leading to “a complete loss of steering control.”

The issue affects only Ford’s F250 and F350 Super Duty pickup trucks from model year 2008.


The NHTSA said it had received five complaints of related incidents. One such incident resulted in the truck crashing into a parked vehicle. A second complaint noted a loss of steering caused the truck to veer off the road at 35 mph.

No injuries have been reported in connection with the affected trucks, said Michael Levine, a spokesman for Ford Trucks.

The investigation is the first step in looking into the issue, and no recall of the trucks has been issued.


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