Faraday Future driverless cars to hit California highways


Faraday Future said it will test driverless cars on California highways, having secured permission from the state.

Whether early tests deploy prototypes that look more like Google car-pods than the exotic, aggressive specimens shown in photos of Faraday concept cars is yet uncertain. The former is far more likely.

Electric car maker Faraday — based in Gardena, with additional offices in Silicon Valley and an assembly plant outside Las Vegas — is planning to build vehicles designed like high-end Italian sports cars with a space-age twist, judging from the concept car it unveiled in Las Vegas in January.


This month, Faraday said it had hired Marco Mattiacci, former Ferrari North America chief executive, as global chief brand and commercial officer.

More than a dozen other companies – including Google, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but not Apple – have received permission from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to test driverless cars. Michigan and other states are granting similar permissions.

The states require each test car to be fitted with a human being.

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