Deluxe Entertainment to unveil cloud-based platform to help studios manage their content


In one of its most ambitious product launches to date, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group is set to unveil a new cloud-based platform aimed at helping studios better manage their content in a dizzying age of digital distribution.

Deluxe One, which is set to be introduced Monday at the National Assn. of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas, provides users with a web-based interface that will allow them to manage TV series, movies and other content from production to distribution.

“Nobody else has covered that span of the life cycle of content before,” Andy Shenkler, chief product officer at Deluxe, told The Times in a recent interview.


The new system boasts myriad functions, including organizing dailies footage from film sets, managing foreign-language subtitling and coordinating releases on various digital platforms.

Deluxe One is intended to streamline work for studios at a time when content creators are outsourcing more tasks like visual effects and other post-production work to vendors. In addition, studios have to deal with more distribution outlets than ever, from traditional cinemas and TV to streaming and mobile devices.

“The production process was really struggling with new demands based on consumers,” said Morgan Fiumi, Deluxe’s chief innovation officer.

The new system allows vendors to access the workflow, thereby streamlining the production process.

Deluxe, which is based in Los Angeles and New York, has long provided post-production services to the entertainment industry and in recent years has made an aggressive push into digital services.

The company said that it has rolled out Deluxe One to a limited number of clients but declined to elaborate or disclose the cost of the system.


The NAB show is scheduled to continue in Las Vegas through Thursday.