Delta Air Lines seeks to secure ‘world’s most trusted’ slogan

Delta Air Lines passengers wait for flights in Detroit. The airline has requested trademark protection for the slogan "The World's Most Trusted Airline."
(Charlie Riedel / AP)

Delta Air Lines may be ready to adopt a new slogan.

Delta has filed for trademark protection with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for what sounds like the airline’s newest motto: “The World’s Most Trusted Airline.”

Delta has used several slogans over its 85-year history, including “We love to fly, and it shows,” and, more recently, “Keep Climbing.”

A Delta spokesman declined to comment. Industry experts say airlines often seek trademark protection for slogans simply to prevent competitors from using it.


Already taken: United Airlines’ “Fly the friendly skies” and American Airlines’ “the new American is arriving,” adopted after the merger with US Airways last year.

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