California Pizza Kitchen, DiGiorno pizzas voluntarily recalled

Nestle USA has voluntarily recalled some of its California Pizza Kitchen and DiGiorno frozen pizzas after the products were found to contain clear plastic pieces, the company said.

The affected products include: 

-- California Pizza Kitchen crispy thin-crust white pizza.

-- California Pizza Kitchen limited edition grilled chicken with Cabernet sauce.


-- DiGiorno crispy flatbread pizza Tuscan style chicken.

-- DiGiorno pizzeria! bianca/white pizza.

The company said it initiated the recall after some customers complained about finding bits of plastic in their pizza. After investigating, the company said it believes plastic pieces came from a specific lot of spinach it had received. 

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Nestle said it has instructed retail outlets to pull the products from their freezer shelves.

Affected customers are asked to call Nestle’s consumer services phone number, (800) 456-4394 or email


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