Comcast calls Time Warner Cable merger ‘pro-consumer.’ Really?

So will Comcast’s roughly $45-billion merger with Time Warner Cable be good for consumers?

To no one’s surprise, Comcast Chief Executive Brian L. Roberts said Thursday that the answer is a resounding yes. Consumers will be the big winners here, he said.

In Roberts’ words, the merger would be “pro-consumer,” “pro-competitive” and “in the public’s interest.”

But will it? The merger would allow Comcast to dominate the cable industry and to be the big dog in 19 of the nation’s 20 largest pay-TV markets.


Historically speaking, when that kind of market muscle is consolidated in the hands of a single industry player, well, it seldom results in better service and lower prices.

How will this time be different? Comcast has yet to offer a convincing answer.