After all that, Dempsey still wins Tully’s Coffee over Starbucks

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Following a week of uncertainty, a federal bankruptcy judge in Seattle confirmed that actor Patrick Dempsey beat out bidders such as Starbucks to win control of Tully’s Coffee.

The stud known as McDreamy emerged triumphant after a court hearing Friday in which Judge Karen Overstreet decided that the “Grey’s Anatomy” actor could take over bankrupt Tully’s for $9.15 million.

“I’m thrilled that we prevailed,” Dempsey said in a statement. “From Day One, we have been focused on saving jobs, keeping Tully’s independent and infusing new life and enthusiasm into the company.”


Dempsey’s company Global Baristas – which pitched its interest in Tully’s as a way to save the company’s 500 jobs – had gone up in an auction earlier this month against six other suitors, many with larger offers.

Starbucks wanted half of Tully’s 47 company-owned shops in Washington and California, which it planned to rebrand as its own stores. Philippines-based AgriNuture Inc. sought the rest of Tully’s assets.

Together, their bid was worth $10.6 million.

But the thespian declared that Tully’s management had given his bid their blessing – an announcement that he followed last week with a celebratory tweet and a round of appearances at Rain City Tully’s locations.

His rivals, however, weren’t so easily cowed, with several voicing legal objections ultimately shot down in court Friday.


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