Hempfest Doritos selling for $55 on EBay: A stoner souvenir?

The Seattle Police Department made headlines this month when it decided to hand out bags of Doritos to attendees of the city’s annual Hempfest.

Now a few enterprising recipients of the complimentary chips are trying to make some money off them.

Type “Hempfest Doritos” into EBay and you’ll come up with more than 30 listings, with one small bag going for as much as $55.

The organizers of the 22nd annual Seattle Hempfest describe it as the world’s largest annual cannabis protest rally. It was held on Aug. 17 and 18 and was the first Hempfest to take place after the passage of I-502, a voter initiative that makes it legal to carry up to 1 ounce of pot in the state of Washington.


Rather than hand out fliers explaining the new rules of using pot in the wake of I-502, the Seattle Police Department thought writing those rules on a sticker, and affixing it to a bag of tantalizing Doritos would be a more effective way to get through to the typical Hempfest attendee.

They called it: “Operation Orange Fingers.”

They also made a lot of stoner jokes.

“We thought you might be hungry,” the sticker reads. “We also thought now would be a good time for a refresher on the Dos and Don’ts of I-502.”


The text of the sticker reminds Hempfest attendees that they should not use pot in public places, and not to drive while high.

It also suggests listening to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” at “a reasonable volume.”

And it concludes with this warning: “The contents of this bag are as delicious as they appear.”

The EBay sellers are trying to sell the sticker-emblazoned chips as a stoner collector’s item.


One seller called the bag of Doritos “a piece/bag of history.” Another said it is “a souvenir for upcoming cannabis prohibitions.”

Another seller, who has eight bids on his bag, marvels that the chips made it out of the festival at all. The description reads: “Here is a bag that was handed out by the Chief of the Seattle police Department at Hempfest of 2013. This bag is one of the few that has survived the tenacious hunger of the happy hemfest [sic] travelers that went through.”


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