L.A. Latinos say it’s easier to talk about sex than money, survey says

Talking about money can be unpleasant, and especially so for L.A.-area Latinos.
Talking about money can be unpleasant, and especially so for L.A.-area Latinos, according to a survey.
(Susana Gonzalez / Bloomberg)

Talking about money is always difficult. But for Latinos in the Los Angeles area, it appears to be especially unpleasant.

According to a new survey, Latinos say they feel more comfortable talking about sex with friends or family members than they do discussing their finances.

About 41% of Latinos in L.A. and Orange counties say it’s difficult to talk about personal finances, according to a survey by Wells Fargo. Only 38% say the same thing about sex.

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In fact, local Latinos prefer discussing death, religion and taxes to finances, according to the poll. Among major topics, only politics ranked as tougher to discuss, with 43% of people seeing it that way.

The difficulty in delving into their finances isn’t unique to Latinos, according to the report.

Among all ethnic groups in Los Angeles, 42% rate discussing finances as difficult. For the country as a whole, it’s 44%.

However, the survey spotlighted the financial stress facing Latinos, which often exceeds the nation as a whole.


Only 28% of local Latinos feel they are in good or great financial shape to be able to retire comfortably. That compares with 33% of adults across the nation.

Only 32% of Latinos report having sufficient emergency savings, compared with four in 10 people nationally.

About one in three local married Latinos report having heated discussions with a spouse about money and household finances. That compares with a bit more than 24% of all people in L.A. and 25% of people nationwide.


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