Beverly Hills Sprinkles to open 24-hour cupcake vending machine

Sprinkles' cupcake-dispensing machine. No launch date has been announced.

For confectionery-crazed Angelenos, the newest development in vending culture is the sweetest one yet: a 24-hour cupcake-dispensing machine at Sprinkles, the Beverly Hills-based Holy Grail of cupcakery. And it’s pink.

The automaton will vend freshly-baked cupcakes, mixes, apparel and other goods, according to its Facebook page. The company has yet to announce a launch date.

Customers visiting the machine’s profile on the social networking site seemed enthused, with comments deeming the cupcake ATM “very dangerous” and “ingenious.” One visitor wrote: “Is this a GREAT COUNTRY or what?”

Maybe the machine’s appearance isn’t too much of a surprise. In recent years, entrepreneurs have created vending machines that sell electronics, retail goods and even birth control pills, fresh-baked pizza, recycled items and butcher meat. A machine being developed by Kraft that has facial screening technology will sell products only to adults.


But the cupcake dispenser isn’t the only Sprinkles surprise. According to LAist, the chain is also in the process of opening up an ice cream shop (which will sell cookies and brownies too) next to its original Beverly Hills store.


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