Zillow cheekily lists White House for $319 million

Zillow's $319-million listing for the White House says the opulent residence has 16 bedrooms and 55,000 square feet of living space -- and a bunker in the basement.
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It’s a listing most real estate agents would salivate over: the White House.

Zillow, the largest real estate information website, cheekily listed the historical and opulent home of the nation’s chief executive this week.

The going price is $319 million.

Or if you’d rather rent, that’d be $1.8 million a month. (San Francisco, with its sky-high rents, looks like a bargain in comparison.)


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The residence, of course, isn’t for sale. The economy, while still tough, hasn’t forced President Obama and his family to downsize.

But the listing offers an idea of what it’s like to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It has 16 bedrooms, 35 bathrooms and 55,000 square feet of living space.

Oh, and there’s an underground bunker in case of a nuclear attack.

The house is situated on 18-acre lot with a plush green lawn and a nicely sized vegetable garden. Tall fencing keeps away all the pesky tourists who visit daily to gawk at the residence.

Built in 1792, the home was completed at a cost of $232,000. Historical inflation rates go back only as far as 1913, so an accurate assessment of what $232,000 buys today is tough.



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