US Airways ready to fly into the sunset

US Airways and American Airlines

American Airlines and US Airways jets wait at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in 2013. The merger of the two carriers takes a key step Oct. 17 when the reservations for US Airways flights are absorbed into American Airlines’ system.


(Ralph Lauer / EPA)

Say goodbye to US Airways.

The carrier that began in 1939 as an airmail service in Pennsylvania and Ohio and gained fame when Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger landed one of its planes on the Hudson River in 2009 will be absorbed into American Airlines, helping to create the world’s largest airline.

Once all reservations from US Airways passengers are transferred over to the American Airlines system Saturday, the US Airways website will disappear.

The transfer will be one of the most important steps in the merger of American and US Airways but it won’t be the last. The two airlines still need to merge several labor groups, maintenance systems and flight operations, among other behind-the-scene changes. A common uniform for all employees is now being tested.


US Airways is merging its mainline fleet of 297 planes but so far only 156 have been painted with the new American Airlines colors and logos. The paint jobs should be completed by late 2016.

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