Verizon blacks out vacations near expected iPhone launch, report says


Verizon is the latest iPhone carrier to black out vacation days around the expected launch of the next iPhone, according to a report.

Since late July, many reports have come out saying Apple is planning for a Sept. 12 event during which it will announce the sixth-generation iPhone. Pre-orders for the phone are expected to immediately follow, and the iPhone is expected to launch on Sept. 21.

Now, an employee for Verizon has told TechCrunch that the network has barred employees from taking off in the days between the launch and Sept. 30.


Rumor roundup: The new iPhone

That follows a report earlier this month that said AT&T; was taking similar steps for the third and fourth weeks of September.

That leaves Sprint as the last major U.S. iPhone carrier whose plans for those days remain unknown.

The next iPhone, or the iPhone 5, is expected to sport a larger screen, possibly be thinner, and include 4G connectivity for the first time.

The phone is also expected to get a smaller dock connector and other various aesthetic changes.



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