What to expect from the iPhone 5 [Google+ Hangout]

The iPhone 5 is widely rumored to be revealed Sept. 12, but what features exactly will it have?

The Times’ Michelle Maltais discussed the latest rumors surrounding the iPhone with MacRumors’ Arnold Kim, Business Insider’s Steve Kovach and myself Friday.

The most likely feature to be included will be a larger screen, everyone agreed. With so many Android phones coming out with larger than 4-inch screens, the iPhone’s 3.5-inch display is getting left behind.

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Another feature the iPhone will likely finally get is 4G LTE connectivity. Although Android phones have had 4G for some time now, a new study shows most people say they don’t need it. But as Kovach pointed out, that will likely change after Apple’s marketing team gets behind selling the next iPhone.


It was a similar situation in 2008 with 3G technology when the iPhone 3G came out.

Also likely to get updated is the iPhone’s dock connector, which has been untouched since the phone first came out in 2007. The updated connector is expected to be much smaller, which will mean iPhone users will also have to get new cables.

Besides features, a big question that remains is what Apple will call the phone.

IPhone 5 is the name most sites have been using, but as Kim pointed out, this is technically the sixth generation of the iPhone. Seeing as Apple decided to call the third generation iPad just “iPad,” it could decide to do the same with the iPhone.

As for getting the phone, pre-orders are expected by Apple watchers to begin the same day as the announcement. The phone is expected to become available on Sept. 21. We all agreed it could be the biggest iPhone launch yet.

Unlike the iPhone 4S, which had the underwhelming Siri as its flagship feature, the next iPhone will most likely have plenty of great new features to excite consumers.

Count on long lines at stores.


IPhone 5 expected next month [Google+ Hangout]

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