Instagram’s most followed user, Kim Kardashian, might dump the app

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Though Instagram has vowed to remove controversial wording from its new terms of service, some users have said they won’t be coming back to the app. And joining those users could be Kim Kardashian, the most followed Instagram user of all.

Kardashian, who has 5.7 million followers, voiced her concerns with Instagram after the Facebook-owned photo sharing app revealed a new terms of service on Monday that would take effect next month.

In those new terms, Instagram had wording that read as though it was giving itself the right to let companies pay to use people’s photos for advertisements that would run within the social network’s app without any compensation for users.


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The next day, Instagram issued an apology, and said the wording in the new terms of service had simply been misinterpreted and that the terms of service would be revised.

But that wasn’t enough to pacify Kardashian’s concerns. Just a few minutes after the apology was issued, the celebrity took to her Twitter.

I really loved Instagram :-( I need to review this new policy. I don’t think its fair. — Kim Kardashian(@KimKardashian) December 18, 2012

That was followed this morning by a TMZ report saying the celebrity is telling friends she’s considering shutting down her account and will make her decision after seeing Instagram’s revised new terms of service.

Should Kardashian leave, that’d be a big loss for Instagram and an even bigger gain for whatever photo rival she’d go to.


Who else would gain from this? Justin Bieber, who’s the second most followed Instagram user, trailing Kardashian by more than a million followers.


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