Southwest Airlines to offer football, baseball games via Wi-Fi

Southwest Airlines, the nation’s biggest carrier of domestic passengers, doesn’t provide its customers with high-tech entertainment systems or in-flight movies, like many of its competitors.

But the Dallas-based airline will soon offer professional football and baseball games, at least for passengers who travel with Wi-Fi-enabled laptops or other portable devices.

Row 44, the in-flight Internet provider for Southwest, last week announced a deal with the NFL Network to provide live streaming football games, video highlights and analysis for passengers who pay the $5 Internet connection fee. Row 44 has cut a deal to broadcast Major League Baseball games as well.

The new entertainment offerings for Southwest passengers should be unveiled soon. (About 150 of the airline’s fleet of 550 Boeing 737s are equipped with Wi-Fi.)


Said Southwest spokeswoman Whitney Eichinger: “We will announce the new options on the portal service in a couple of months.”


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