Business travelers want their hotel to help them stay fit


Business travelers try to eat right and exercise while on the road, and they want a little help from their hotel to keep them on the right track, according to a survey of travelers’ on-the-road habits.

Of the 200 travelers surveyed by KRC Research for Texas-based Omni Hotels & Resorts, 56% said they indulged in food and drinks when traveling and regretted it.

Also, 56% said they would like more low-fat options on hotel restaurant menus. When it comes to in-room snacks, 73% said they want healthy snacks and 70% want bottled water available in the rooms. Nearly one-third said they usually pack workout gear but never have the time or energy to exercise.


The Omni hotels, which have locations in Los Angeles and San Diego, offer “Get Fit Rooms.” For an additional $15 fee, the hotel will furnish the room with a treadmill, two-pound dumbbells, an exercise mat, stretch cords, a bottle of water and a mini radio headset.

Those surveyed travel for business at least six times a year and spend $150 or more a night on hotel accommodations.


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