Nexus 7 tablet sales off to fast start


Good luck getting a Nexus 7 — the Google tablet has sold out from many of the retailers carrying the device.

The seven-inch screen device is Google’sfirst in-house developed tablet, and many have said it is the first true challenger to Apple’s iPad. Now that sales have begun, it seems consumers might agree.

The Nexus 7 has been available for pre-order from Google since it was unveiled last month, and recently other retailers have begun carrying the tablet on their sites too. But now most list the Nexus 7 as sold out, back-ordered or have a shipping wait time of a couple of weeks for the tablet.


The Google Play store lists “SHIPS SOON” on their Nexus 7 page and says the device will take a week or two to arrive.

GameStop, one of the first retailers to announce it would be selling the Nexus 7, has its 16 GB tablet listed as back-ordered and doesn’t expect to ship it in less than three weeks, according to its site.

“We blew through the first two allotments,” a GameStop spokesperson told Reuters.

Office supply retailers Office Depot and Staples are also listing the tablet as sold out on their sites and won’t even let you add the item to your cart at the moment.

Sam’s Club, which has the 16 GB Nexus 7 at a slightly discounted price of $246.84. is in the same boat, listing the item as out of stock.

The same goes for other retailers on the Web, with some listing the Nexus 7’s availability as not until September.


And of course when demand goes up and supply’s running low, prices go up, and that’s just what has begun to happen for the Nexus 7.

The only site that seems to still be selling the tablet with a reasonable ship time is eBay, where sellers have begun selling the 8 GB Nexus for as much as $100 more than its usual $199 price tag.


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