Survey: 1 in 5 moms and dads say they use their smartphone to sext

Mommy’s all right. Daddy’s all right. They’re just sending each other sext messages.


A new survey released Thursday shows one in five parents are getting frisky via their phones and are sending sext messages. And they aren’t alone.

One in five Americans say they use their phones to send explicit text messages. More disturbingly, one in 10 baby boomers, which would be those 55 years and older, are using their phones to be naughty.


“More people than you’d imagine are using their phones to sext,” a release for the report said. “It’s not just ScarJo and U.S. senators anymore.”

But Americans don’t just stop at sexting, more than one in 10 take it to the next level and say they also use their phones to record racy videos.

The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Lookout, a mobile security company. Nearly 2,100 people answered the survey online.

Lookout’s survey mentions that 69% of Americans have lost their phone yet only 3% say their biggest concern about losing their phone would be people finding their inappropriate pictures.

“The survey confirms Americans are using their smartphones in more ways than ever before, so there is more pressure to keep your smartphone privacy secure,” the release said. “Just think how embarrassing, reputation damaging or worse it would be if your sexts were exposed!”

But for those who wish to partake in this saucy behavior, Lookout offered a few tips to help you make sure you are practicing safe sext, including turning off your text message pop-ups so those around you won’t “get a peek” and setting a passcode on your phone to keep people from viewing its contents should you lose it.


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