Vacation time goes unused for many Americans, survey says

Vacation? Who’s got time for a vacation?

That seems to be the attitude of many Americans, according to a new national survey that shows 48% of adults passed up on using at least half of their vacation time in 2011.

The survey of 1,000 adults by Los Angeles-based Kelton Research for Radisson Hotels & Resorts found that Americans are given an average of 18 vacation days a year. But those Americans who said they passed on using half or more of their vacation time blamed a heavy workload and not wanting to play catch-up after returning to work.

Even though so many Americans forgo vacation time, 52% of Americans said they would give up office-sponsored events in exchange for five more days of vacation, according to the survey. Nearly one in four adults surveyed said they would give up their next promotion or 5% of their salary for five more days of vacation.


To squeeze in more time with loved ones, 63% of Americans said they bring family along on business trips.


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