New MacBook Pros expected to land in June with improved Intel chip

Rumors of a redesigned MacBook Pro are growing more rampant as an annual Apple conference draws nearer, with the latest development being that the new models will include improved Intel chips.

The revamped MacBook Pros are expected to include Intel’s powerful Ivy Bridge processing chips and will be unveiled at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference starting June 11, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday.

The article is backed up by other reports that say scree nshots have appeared on the Web showing benchmark results for a MacBook Pro model not currently on the market running the Ivy Bridge processor.

The new MacBook Pros will also run on flash memory to reduce start-up times and extend battery life, Bloomberg reported, citing “people with knowledge of the plans.”


Bloomberg’s report also said that the latest Apple operating system -- Mountain Lion -- may also be announced or debuted at the conference alongside the new MacBook Pros.

Adding to the MacBook Pro speculation are new Apple product discounts at Best Buy.

In years past, Best Buy discounts and in-house emails have been excellent hints of imminent Apple product releases, and now Engadget and others are reporting the tech retailer has cut the price of several Apple products, including MacBook Pros, by $20 to $200.

On Best Buy’s website, the price for a 15-inch MacBook Pros -- the models whose replacements are rumored to be launching this summer -- have been cut by $120 and $140. So if you were waiting for the new MacBook Pros, you may want to consider purchasing the current discounted models instead.


The latest rumors also suggest that the next iPhone will not be coming this summer, which is not the biggest surprise. The last iPhone debuted in October, changing what had previously been a tradition of summer iPhone launches.

While the iPhone is not expected to be the headliner, some of the iOS’ newest features are rumored to make an appearance. Apple may announce it will drop Google Maps for its own map app, ComputerWorld reports.

But be careful -- All Things D says “Apple Maps” may “blow your head off.”



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