Amazon selling Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders


Amazon has begun taking pre-orders for the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, but the smartphone will come with a steep price to pay for Americans who don’t want to wait.

Though the 4.8-inch-screen Android phone is set to release in Europe next week, its U.S. arrival is further away. If you want the phone now, you can pre-order from Amazon, but it will cost you $799.99.

Amazon is selling the phones in pebble blue and marble white and will release them on June 1, but buying the device before it officially gets to the U.S. might not be worth it.


First off, the phone will not run on Verizon or Sprint networks due to incompatible technology, and though the phone can make calls on T-Mobile’s network, it won’t be able to connect to high-speed data, according to PCWorld.

That leaves AT&T as the only major U.S. network that Amazon’s Galaxy S IIIs will work on, but the phone cannot run on its 4G LTE network.

So if you use AT&T, you don’t mind using a phone incapable of running the fastest speeds available, you don’t want to wait and you don’t mind paying $800, pre-ordering your Galaxy S III from Amazon makes sense.

But if you wait a little longer, you will likely be able to choose your network for the Galaxy S III for and pay hundreds of dollars less.


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