Report: Kindle Fire HD to outsell iPad mini 2:1 in holiday season

As we head toward Black Friday, we'll see how well the Kindle Fire HD does this holiday season.
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

It’s time to start taking bets on what tablet will reign supreme this holiday season.

On Thursday, the folks behind made a bold prediction: They say the Kindle Fire HD will outsell the iPad mini by 2 to 1.

To back up that claim, the coupon clearing house website cited data collected from its website that shows nearly twice as many searches for the words “Kindle Fire HD” compared with “iPad mini” in the last three weeks.


It added that it saw more searches for the Kindle Fire HD in the week after it was announced than the iPad mini saw in the first week after its announcement.

Conclusive? Not really. But still an interesting piece of information to store in your brain as we start barreling toward Black Friday -- the official start of the holiday shopping season and the official race for 2012 tablet holiday supremacy.

The iPad mini still has the sexy Apple association, but the Kindle Fire HD’s starting price of $199 is pretty seductive. The iPad mini starts at $329.

“It’s no surprise that although some families would probably love to purchase an iPad mini device for every member of their family, they simply cannot afford the higher cost and would rather purchase a Kindle device instead,” Mark Pearson, chairman of, said in a statement.


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