Apple iPad mini tablet coming soon? What we know so far [Photos]

Apple is widely expected to announce a smaller-sized tablet called the iPad mini later this month, but what exactly do we know about it?

The screen

For starters, the screen is expected to be 7.85 inches, as opposed to 9.7 inches on the current iPad. The iPad mini is supposed to rival Google’s Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, both of which have 7-inch screens and start at $199. If Apple can put out a similarly sized and priced product with a larger screen, that could give the Cupertino company a leg up in the lower-end tablet market.

The frame


When it comes to its look, think more iPhone than iPad. Unlike the 9.7-inch iPad that has a thick bezel frame on all four sides, the iPad mini is expected to be thin on its sides and thick on the top and bottom, just like the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPad mini is also expected to have a coated aluminum back similar to the iPhone 5.

Cellular connectivity

One of the biggest limits that both the Nexus 7 and the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD have is their lack of 3G or 4G connectivity, and Apple may capitalize on that. Purported pictures of iPad mini parts seem to show both a SIM card tray as well as a similar slot in the device’s back frame to that of the cellular 9.7-inch iPad.

These are some of the most notable features of the iPad mini, but they’re not the only rumors we’ve heard. Check out this gallery for more:


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