First glasses-free 3-D TV with 4K resolution to be unveiled

A Philadelphia company is expected to announce on Monday a 3-D TV set that features resolution four times as high as that of a standard 1080P HD TV and can be viewed without special glasses.

Other glasses-free 3-D TVs already exist, but the company, Stream TV Networks, said its TV is the first to feature 4K resolution, which many regard as the next step in TV technology.

One of the problems with 4K TVs is that there’s not much content for them yet, but Stream said its TVs have an algorithm that can convert current HD content to fit the 4K resolution.


The TV also converts content from other sources -- including Netflix, YouTube and Blu-ray players -- into images in 3-D that can be viewed without glasses.

Stream said it plans to license its Ultra-D technology (which is what allows 3-D images to be seen without glasses) to TV manufacturers, and that those companies will bring the Ultra-D TVs to market by early 2013.

The company said the first models featuring its Ultra-D technology will be 42-inch and 46-inch sets with 1080p HD resolutions. Those will be followed by the 4K set, which will be a 60-inch LED TV called the Ultra-DT 2160p.

The company didn’t give specifics about pricing, but it said the TV sets will be competitive with current 3-D TVs.

Stream also said it plans to bring Ultra-D technology to tablets, smartphones and laptops in the future.


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