Is iPhone 5 the most durable iPhone ever? [Videos]

Apple released the iPhone 5 on Friday and some people were already dropping them -- on purpose.

And the verdict? It could be the most durable iPhone ever.

As pointed out by MacRumors, Android Authority today posted a drop test video (see above). The site pitted the iPhone 5 against one of its top rivals, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Overall, the Apple device came out on top.

The video, which includes a very enthusiastic tester, features a series of drop tests, including a pocket drop, a chest-height drop, an ear-height drop and, at the end, a drop from higher than the top of the guy’s head. The iPhone 5 survives all four drops with just a few scratches; its screen had no major scratches or noticeable cracks.


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By comparison, the Galaxy S III’s screen does crack after being dropped from about chest height, or about 4 feet. It lands on its top-left rounded corner, which leads to cracks originating from that area. More cracks occur when it gets dropped from ear height.

Although the iPhone 5 shows off its durability, you can see in the video that the black version of the phone’s scratches are very noticeable. Unlike with previous versions of the black iPhone, when the black iPhone 5 is scratched its paint appears to come off, leaving white marks.

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A second video also shows the durability of the iPhone 5 (see below).

This video comes from iFixYouri, which drops the phone from a series of heights, starting at lap height. It takes seven drops before the phone starts to show significant damage (the video says the phone’s frame bent a bit) and even after about 10 drops, the phone’s screen never cracks.

The guy has to finally throw it, not drop it, from about chest height for the iPhone 5’s screen to finally crack.

Additionally, iFixYouri gives the iPhone 5 a scratch test, and once again the new Apple smartphone proves resistant.



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